The Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge

Hello, Guys!

This post references Gilmore Girls and books. If you care about neither of those things then, don’t read this?

In Gilmore Girls, Rory is an intelligent young woman who loves reading and is quite ambitious. I have always wanted to read all the books she has read but never exactly found the time for it.

But, I just finished watching the revival and it was one of the biggest disappointment of 2016 and that is saying something.

Oh, wait! If you have no idea what Gilmore Girls is. I guess you could google it and then watch it, be sad and then come back here to read these books with me.

The silver lining in Rory’s character is that she has read awesome books that I want to read too.

So, I am finally going to read all the books she read and wonder how she turned out to be so selfish and shallow. The thing is her character instead of growing, did the opposite.

This whole reading list is long and filled with lots of classics that I want to read and some that I have already read. I may or may not reread those books.

I want to talk about the revival. Though, I also know that no wants to read a wall of text. Especially, one filled with anguish and a vague sense of betrayal so I am going to save it for Tumblr.

If you want to join me in this reading challenge. Just comment below. We could discuss the awesome books that we read. I am always up for discussing awesome books unless I am sleeping. Then I prefer to sleep.

This is the list that I am following.

I am going to read On the Road by Jack Kerouac first. I will post a review-like-thing when I am done.

Bye! 🙂